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What are the key megatrends for 2023?

What are the key megatrends for 2023?

Several megatrends have recently been affected by the energy crisis and subsequent government decisions. This has also led to an acceleration of the energy transition but also a better awareness of the subjects of biodiversity and the circular economy. Furthermore, the question of demography is becoming increasingly central. The opportunity to take a look of the megatrends that will be decisive in 2023 with Bastien Drut, Head of Research and Strategy at CPR AM.

Alexandre Cornu, gérant actions thématiques, CPR AM

CPR Invest - Hydrogen, a year of joining forces for the decarbonated energy of tomorrow

In November 2021, CPR AM launched an unprecedented strategy on the market with CPR Invest – Hydrogen. This international equity impact fund supports the development of hydrogen, a competitive and decarbonated energy. In so doing, it addresses United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goal n°7. On the fund’s first anniversary, let’s take this opportunity for an assessment with its manager, Alexandre Cornu.

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