Thursday 25 March 2021


Trends Under the Macroscope #8 - Covid, excess savings and wealth inequalities 

Welcome to Trends under the Macroscope”, the new Macro series from CPR AM dedicated to Megatrends!
CPR AM is pleased to present its new audio meeting "Trends under the Macroscope".
Discover Bastien Drut, Head of Thematic Macro Strategy, and his Macroscope on the major transformations of the economy, macro, climate and social issues most likely to affect our investment processes. 

Listen Episode 8 - Covid, excess savings and wealth inequalities  

It is now very well known that the Covid crisis led to forced savings.  What could be the consequences for economic growth? Focus on the United States: whether in terms of income or wealth, the subject of inequalities will very clearly be a subject that will be discussed in the coming weeks in the United States

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