FOOD FOR GENERATIONS - Annual Impact Report

Produce more, better and sustainably… this is the major challenge faced by our planet: feeding a growing population while mitigating the environmental impact of food consumption and production. Some figures speak for themselves and perfectly illustrate the pressure that the food value chain is putting on our planet. Indeed, the agro-food system is responsible for 20 to 30% of greenhouse gas emissions, agriculture alone accounts for 70% of all freshwater withdrawals globally and 91% of plastic packaging is not recycled. By 2030, more than 840 million people will go hungry should these recent trends persist.

It is based on all these challenges and with the objective of contributing to the heavy investments required for the transition towards a more sustainable agri-food model that the Food For Generations fund was launched on September 2017. To this end, our impact philosophy has been incorporated all along the different stages composing the fund’s investment process, from the definition of the initial universe to the implementation of impact objectives in the management of the portfolio.

We invite you to explore the first edition of Food For Generation’s impact report and discover its complete sustainable approach, illustrated with concrete examples of the impact generated indirectly by our investments, and directly from the engagement commitments with companies.



1 - Foreword

2 - Meeting today the sustainable challenges of tomorrow‘s food

3 - Our response to the global food challenge

4 - Materiality at the heart of our sustainable approach

5 - Our sustainable approach results

6 - Impact metrics monitoring

7 - Portfolio’s sustainability indicators

8 - Engagement policy, voting and dialogue

9 - Food For Generations: complementary skills and expertise


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